Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wallets to Choose From!!!

Regardless of the social status of a person, be them a business magnate or a wretchedly penurious individual, wallet is the only utility that acts as a great equalizer. It makes a must-have accessory of a person.
The advent of the conception of wallet dates back to the days of civilization when a man devised currencies and set out on a quest for the avenue to store them until he stumbled upon the sack and made a wallet out of it. The gradual mankind evolution took effect in simultaneity with the corresponding evolution of the sacks into wallets and now we have legions of them to select from on the grounds of personal taste, lifestyle, and needs.

Here are some of the wallet styles that you can latch on to on the basis of your needs and lifestyle: 

1.) Billfold: 
This is the most popular form of wallet and is made of leather in such a manner as to get easily accommodated into a back pocket. The Billfold wallet came into effect in the later part of 1950’s. As the use of plastic money gradually attained prevalence, wallets were manufactured with the card slots and that marked the emergence of the most popular form of wallet.
A few fixes in the design have been employed over the last 50 years to impart additional features to it. This is the greatest and the most practical form of wallet available today in the market.

2.) Breast Wallet:
The breast wallet is designed to carry a wad of banknotes without folding. It is slightly bigger to fit into pants and is thereby accommodated inside breast pocket, or inside a bag or a briefcase.

3.) Travel Wallet:
The travel wallet is the larger and fatter version of the breast wallet and capacious enough to hold plastic money, liquid money, and the passport. Too big to accommodate into breast pocket or even pants for that matter, it is meant to be stashed into a carry-on bag or a briefcase.  It makes a perfect accompaniment to your journey and saves you the pain of rummage through the stuffs to pick out the boarding pass on every check-in.
4.) Zip Wallet:
It is the veritable follow-up of the billfold and has gained popularity among fashionistas in the recent times. It makes the perfect alternative to billfold and offers the same portability and functionality, in addition to being stylish and trendy.

So, all the people over there, broadcast the unique fashion statement with your choice of wallets and thereby provide a free expression to your undercurrents. You can get a wide range of stylish wallets at  

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to Match Bags with your Wardrobe?

You have always wanted to try different combination to get the perfect look. Many fashion freaks crave to get that fantastic look, matching their outfits to bags and shoes! Not too sure about experimenting with colour contrast and coordination? Just chill girls!

Mix-n-match is not a rocket science. The key is you got to do it in moderation. And above all, it’s your comfort level that matters at the end of the day.

The all-matching ensemble is indeed a great style but needs to be done right. If you are putting on a single colour ensemble, don’t forget to contrast and highlight your makeup and/or jewelry. All-Black and all-white ensembles are evergreen for this look.

It’s not the same with brights. All red or blue attire with same colour bag and shoes is less likely to create a statement.

A neutral coloured bag is the safest of all. It works every time and pairs well with everything. Not just black and off-white, neutral colour includes gray, tan & cream too.

If you want to put on something bright, mix it up with a statement handbag of a bold colour. Try some shades of red or turquoise.

Nude or black shade bags & shoes are an awesome combination with solid block and bright attire. The nude shade contrasts the bright colour and makes it look fanatastic, which was otherwise too loud.

For office purpose, you can always go for a medium sized decent (note: non shiny) bags. Experiment with new colours that have a smooth feel. Shop for some subtle shades of yellow, purple and red.

While on travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some style with a chic bag. There are trendy sling bags and cross body bags that are both spacious and fashionable.

If ever you want to try some new colour combination, check out the colour wheel. You will be able to discover new combinations yourself.

If you are going out on a party, a stylish clutch is what you need. For traditional and ethnic wear, go for a potli or jhola that has some kadhai or artistic work embroidered. Choose colour and design according to your outfit.

The bags you buy need to be functional. No need to buy something just because it looks beautiful. Don’t be shy to try new colours, patterns and prints. To buy the most trendy and fashionable bags, log on to! You will get great styles of handbags at best possible prices! 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Go Crazy with Cool Tote Bags

A woman is incomplete without a bag. These days, women have fallen in love with accessorized and multicolor tote bags because of their elegant styles and durability. 
A classic tote is made from sturdy fabrics, like- heavy canvas, jute, nylon which are dyed or treated to resist mold and moisture. If you like your independence and love to look trendy while carrying all your essentials with you and like to remain at the top of things, be it is your workplace or party; don’t worry, tots bags are here that would give you ample space and add stylish to your look as well as festoon your outfit.

Have a look at five trends that are very hot this season-

Accessorize grey tote bag- Printed detail against grey, polka doted stuff makes it eye catching. It has metallic and plastic embellishments in the front and two cute short handles. It looks very trendy. You can pack your world in since it is highly spacious. When you are roaming around with your buddies, carry it with western attires and high heels.
Pink tote bag with fur- It is meticulously made from pink synthetic leather, particularly for college goers girls to give an extra edge. It has synthetic fur detail with metal stud near the mouth that makes it unique from other bags. You can adjust the length of it as per your requirement since it has long adjustable and detachable strap with two short handles. This pink glossy bag is very chic and will lift every look. Carry it with black, white or grey dress to compliment your look.
Multicolored tote bag- If you love to add a splash of colors to your look when you are out on a shopping binge, get this multicolored tote bag in purple, green, orange, white stripes. It gives opportune pockets and generous space to put all your essentials. It is perfect for perky girls who are fashion conscious and do not shy away from trying novel fashions.
Embroidered faux leather tote bag- Add another sleek, chic and stylish tote bag to your accessory wardrobe. It is very spacious, versatile and durable without being hulking. You can stuff all your essentials. It will compliment ethnic, western as well as fusion outfit.
Elegant orange tote bag- This exquisite bag is a real embodiment of ladylike elegance. Its vibrant orange color adds an exotic edge to any outfit. Carry it with casuals and formal attires. It is easy to carry and add instantaneous style to your outfit.
If you like to carry all your necessities like money, mobile phone, books and everything with hot look, don’t wait, go to and order for miraculously designed tote bags. 

Spruce-up your style with Designer Bags and Clutches

Fashion symbols have included handbags a long time ago and hardly any woman can go out without one. “The bigger, the better” shouts out the style mantra for this season’s handbag fashion. From oversized clutches to structured bags, those with long handles, chains & animal skin and totes are some of the emerging popular trends. Travel bags worn as cross body backpacks were featured by the Victoria Beckham’s Fall collection in 2011. The larger totes have been out of the handbag trends of 2011 and trendy mid-sized totes have taken their place. Mid-sized hobos and totes in exotic skins, a Birkin style horizontal strap, soft leather with two top-handles and a lock closure, are among the favorites. Such bags feature structured vibe band detailed silhouettes. Sharp, perfectly tailored clutches and handbags work faultlessly for women.

Satchel bags which many of you us consider old-school are the ones making a superb style statement. According to fashion designers, large clutches are most preferable to complement your evening wear be it for a party or a traditional function.

Clutches are trendsetters: 
Clutches always feature eternal designs. It may be a glimmer, sequin, decorative beaded exterior or a simple plain design. The finer aspects of a lady get revealed through these designs. Clutch adds a streak of glamour to your after-dark look.

Satchels are suitable and stylish:
While watching the Harry potter movies, you would have observed the satchels featured in those. Satchels are strappy, versatile and alluring bags which have created a whole new trend in handbag fashion. These bags have enough room to keep your daily stuff without weighing you down. Satchels meet the need of carrying your essentials without compromising on your style statement.

Totes will always be in the trend: 
It has been a long time since totes got into fashion. It is only their size and colour which has undergone several changes over the years. It is generally cloth which is used to make totes. However leather and skin totes with lace overlays, crochet and complicated weaves have set a new trend in hand bag fashion. You can sport a stunning style teaming bright totes with any outfit of yours. 

A wisely chosen handbag is good enough for you to switch a boring look for a classy one. offers you the entire trendy range of bags at much affordable prices. So if you are not satisfied with your looks, try a different set of accessories like fashionable handbags. Sometimes even a moderately stylish outfit looks awesome when combined with the right handbag. Now is the time for you to pick a fashionable handbag from at great prices and influence others with your styling sense. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mesmerizing Bridal Clutches

Most exhilarating moment in a woman’s life is her marriage.
She always dreams of handsome, dashing and brawny prince moving toward his princess on white horse! That’s the reason I guess that a girl wants to look utterly inimitable from other girls on her wedding and spends lots of money on her jewelry, wedding apparel, sandals, make-up and lastly a magnificently designed bag with awesome color and dazzling studs.  A bride is incomplete without an exaggerated clutch since it houses all her necessities, like- compact, lipstick for touch-ups, handkerchiefs to wipe sweating and tears of joy as well as bobby pins to pin loose hair.  A beautiful clutch adds more grace to her beauty. Like ornaments, clutches also enhance bridal look.
You should select only those clutches that entirely match with your bridal outfit and compliment its splendor.

Check out enticing clutches you can use to embellish your wedding dress-
A range of alluring designs is available at Each one of them is made of various materials with vibrant colors. Clutches are available in different shapes, like- square, oval, rectangular etc., so, select the one that goes best with your bridal dress. Some of the bridal clutches are adorned with stones, sequins, pearls etc. to make them eye-catching. You can go for gaudy red or green color clutches, intricately designed beaded clutches as well as feminine pink color clutches to add to bridal look.

Graceful embroidered bridal clutches-
You can buy designer clutches from that are festooned with embroidery work either on silk or satin base and beautiful pearls or studs in between the embroidery that make them eye candy.  Enhance your beauty with these designer clutches and become the center of attraction among your guests with its outstanding finesse and grace.

Embrace magnificently designed silver and golden color clutches-
You can compliment your wedding dress with uniquely designed silver and golden color clutches and dazzles people with their charming style.

Designer multicolor metallic clutches- 
Now-a-days, these clutches are in vogue and imperative to wedding since they enhance the exquisiteness of wedding dress. These kinds of clutches will gather attention for sure on big night and add futuristic panache to your whole look. You can carry them long after your marriage. Few of them are as follows-

Besides these clutches, you can opt for beaded bow wedding clutch, frilly lace bag, beaded loops bridal handbag, beaded floral bag and many more. If you are getting perplexed about choosing a bridal clutch, better you surf on

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Modernize your formal look with stylish handbags!!!

It’s a fact that everyone can’t afford bags from brands like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton… so obviously it seems quite a chaotic task find out such bags that serve the purpose without compromising on its look. For working women it gets even worse as they are supposed choose something which looks professional yet modish and is able to hoard their essential like cosmetics, phone, food, diary and much more! Don’t fret if you can’t find a chic bag to style up your official looks. At, here is the happy ending of your mad hunt for bags! Check out these bags and see which ones are best to match your attire.

Black & white bowling bag: 
 It will take ages to a trend to kick out the fascinating black and white combo and take its place. This one’s surely is here to stay even in your handbags. You can team a black and white smart handbag with outfits of any color combination. Carrying this bag, you can emphasize style in your professional look.
Multi-coloured handbag:
This leather bag having an excellent patch work gives a cute look with shades like yellow, pink and purple. This bag perfectly adds a rush of colours to your attire while maintaining the professional touch.

Patent tote bag:
You can be the  head-turner at your office with this sexy bags, especially the colorful ones. Fill the boring boardroom with some fun at the meeting time carrying these kinds of awesome bags. With the cool straps and the glossy look, these handbags will make you look incredibly stylish when teamed with official outfits.
Blue leather bag:
Wow! So classy! So elegant! Where did you get it? This is all you will listen while carrying these super trendy bags. There are surely good enough to make others’ eyes roll towards you. Having a cool leather structure, blue bags can prove to be stylish and sturdy bags to carry with your formal looks!

Your work needs your attention to be efficient but that shouldn’t let your appearance go down to the level of being negligible. Make sure you maintain your desirable level of styling, even at work. This way your looks will be as much appealing as your work. These super-cool bags are indeed going to help you with that. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fashionable Bags Inspired By Celebrities!!!

Feel tempted to look as beautiful as your favorite actress? Of course you do!
I myself wished I was like Christian Bale after I watched The Dark Knight Rises. You can’t deny that most of the styles we follow are more or less our attempts to imitate some celebrities! Besides being known for their charm in the entertainment field, celebrities are style icons who trigger new trends in fashion. They have introduced such trends in handbags too, which are now being followed by all the fashionistas. Some of those stylish handbags are here!

Hobo bag: 
Unifying style with functionality, hobo bags render a practical, shapeless air to your appearance.  They usually have crescent shape and a long strap which runs over the shoulder while wearing it. There are alternative strap sizes available though. Famous actress and model Deepika Padukone has been spotted sporting a style with this bag. This bag being very comfortable gives a very casual and chic look. The material is either leather or faux leather. This style has originated from the lifestyle of hobos who wrap their scanty stuff in a small cloth and carry it across their shoulder using a stick. For sporting a stylish look at college or work, then medium or short size bag would suffice. However, you can carry the bigger ones for a small vacation.

Specially designed for you to carry the minimum essential stuff with panache, clutch bags are perfect to be carried for marriages and evening hang-outs.  You can stuff it with your must-haves like cell phone, money, keys, credit cards, makeup and all and you are all-set to attend the special occasion. The material of this clutch is usually faux, leather silk or brocade. The size specification of the clutch depends on your need. You should keep your stuff in such a way that you are able to comfortably hold it in one hand.    

Tote Bags: 
This one's mainly about being highly utilizable without creating a tiff. Usually both sides of this bag have double handles for grip. There are different bags of this type having different pattern of zippers across the bag. This bag portrays a cool attitude like that of people who prefer their own style of doing things.

Otherwise called knapsack, this bag secures a very sporty style with its two straps running around your shoulders.  It greatly suits the travel look where you have to carry loads in a single bag. Actress Priyanka Chopra was seen carrying this sort of bag. You can carry this for trekking trips.  

Sling bag: 
When you’re out for a party or get together, this one is a must for you. Sling bags suit both traditional and casual outfits. You can wear these while going to a club or even when catching up with friends. Actress Sonam Kapoor sported a style with sling bag. It is made of leather or jute.

You can find a huge collection of bags like these on Just log and choose the one that perfectly suits your purpose and matches best with your personality and attitude.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How your Handbag/Purse Style Defines Success

If you want to go for a job interview, meeting or outshine in a particular/current field, toting up the right bag can bring positive impression! Don’t believe me? Just keep on reading!!!

While heading towards office, you might think that any of your casual purses will work! Sorry! But, if you ask me, I would suggest that there are few choices you must steer clear off. Number one is cross body /messenger bags as they look terrible especially on women. Experts suggest that these bags have no specific structure and that’s why they give sloppy and messy look to the wearer. And that look can even mess your persona, which of course, may not be the case at all.  Well friends, this is my opinion... yours can be different!

So what should you look for instead? Something, which is professional yet give a stylish look! No? Instead of messenger style bags, you can go for brief case or tote with long strap and yes, don’t forget leather as you can use it for years and it will shine for you continuously buffing the scratches and other marks.

Depending upon the career you want or already have, there is a plethora of purses to choose from. I am sharing with you some of the bag styles best suited for the career you are in.

The arts (Graphic/ fashion/ visual design)
Go for oversized portfolio that zips in all your professional belongings. Carry it sleekly under your arm or tuck inside a bigger tote bag.

PR (Advertising/ Marketing)
For those who belong to advertising and marketing field can go for the signature tote style- the one, that has different sections and multiple compartments inside.

Publishing house
Show your creative side by opting for a smart satchel. Since it has flat bottom, you can layer up all your documents and manuscripts for later consideration.

Being in this profession, means you need something big that can hold all your necessities and represents your style. Go for large and structured bag that can also take your work home if required. You can get highly commodious, flexible and quality tote bags at

Medical professional
A doctor needs to be someone who is always on the go for their patients! If you are a medical professional, you should choose a good priced bag that can stand up to wear and tear. A bag with practical zips, enough room and structure that says ‘pro’ always, can best define the success.
Go classic! Nothing can give you that ‘pulled together’ look than an oversized briefcase in the courtroom.

We all know, professional world is based on the first impression, and might be your handbag would be the first thing that gets noticed. So, make it something with clean lines to reflect your best persona and style of course.  Just log on to and get the best bag to pep your persona!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Clutches for a Catchy Look!

The “wow” feminine look is back in the fashion circles! 

The ultimate accessory defining this fabulous look is the clutch. Being hit with models, super-rich novas, actresses and fashion icons, clutch is one of the most stylish accessories for women. 
The new day avatar of clutches make the eyes pop out with its amazing look! Those wishing to be fashionably forward always consider it perfect to be teamed up with any of their attire. Not only you will look great carrying a clutch to your office but also you can effortlessly switch to a look for evening soirees with the same clutch.

clutch online
INR 765.00

Accept it or not but most of the styling trends are set by Bollywood stars. Gorgeous actress Shilpa Shetty was recently spotted sporting a catchy look with a zari-embroidered batua having drop down doris. The popular actress has always amazed the viewers with her fantastic collection of clutches among which she chooses one for every other event she attends, be it bollywood parties, IPL team auctions, birthday celebrations or traditional ceremonies. Even the newly wedded Avantika Malik-Khan couldn’t skip the clutch. She prefers to keep it in her right hand while holding her husband’s arm with the left hand. The model Aanchal Kumar, who usually keeps her cell phone in hand, prefers to keep it enclosed in a trendy clutch. If you take a look around the city, you will see corporate women sporting a big clutch to carry their stuff thus keeping it handy while travelling.

INR 880

According to accessory experts, “personalized” needs are mostly preferred by Indian women. Be it embellished, patchwork-studded, embossed, beaded or hand-painted, clutches aptly meet your desire to look individualistic. As for the utility of clutches, these trendy purses have become versatile. Model Alesia Raut rocked the ramp showing a wooden clutch which opened up to form a small sitting stool. See how clutch trend is opening more and more doors for innovation!!! 

Pantaloons Femina Miss India-International 2010 Neha Hinge has developed a taste for the hip clutch which not only matched her ramp-walk outfit but also her attitude. Accessories are all about stating your attitude in the most fashionable way and clutch exactly fits! Carrying all your exclusively personalized stuff, it grabs not just glances but also good compliments from those around you when you carry it.   

INR 765

A small-sized clutch replete with the initials of your name is one of the most stylish accessories completing your looks for a party. is one stop shop which will make you look stunning every time you go out… Go ahead and make your looks even trendier carrying a clutch best suits the occasion

For more clutch variety:  Click Here.