Monday, 21 October 2013

Go Crazy with Cool Tote Bags

A woman is incomplete without a bag. These days, women have fallen in love with accessorized and multicolor tote bags because of their elegant styles and durability. 
A classic tote is made from sturdy fabrics, like- heavy canvas, jute, nylon which are dyed or treated to resist mold and moisture. If you like your independence and love to look trendy while carrying all your essentials with you and like to remain at the top of things, be it is your workplace or party; don’t worry, tots bags are here that would give you ample space and add stylish to your look as well as festoon your outfit.

Have a look at five trends that are very hot this season-

Accessorize grey tote bag- Printed detail against grey, polka doted stuff makes it eye catching. It has metallic and plastic embellishments in the front and two cute short handles. It looks very trendy. You can pack your world in since it is highly spacious. When you are roaming around with your buddies, carry it with western attires and high heels.
Pink tote bag with fur- It is meticulously made from pink synthetic leather, particularly for college goers girls to give an extra edge. It has synthetic fur detail with metal stud near the mouth that makes it unique from other bags. You can adjust the length of it as per your requirement since it has long adjustable and detachable strap with two short handles. This pink glossy bag is very chic and will lift every look. Carry it with black, white or grey dress to compliment your look.
Multicolored tote bag- If you love to add a splash of colors to your look when you are out on a shopping binge, get this multicolored tote bag in purple, green, orange, white stripes. It gives opportune pockets and generous space to put all your essentials. It is perfect for perky girls who are fashion conscious and do not shy away from trying novel fashions.
Embroidered faux leather tote bag- Add another sleek, chic and stylish tote bag to your accessory wardrobe. It is very spacious, versatile and durable without being hulking. You can stuff all your essentials. It will compliment ethnic, western as well as fusion outfit.
Elegant orange tote bag- This exquisite bag is a real embodiment of ladylike elegance. Its vibrant orange color adds an exotic edge to any outfit. Carry it with casuals and formal attires. It is easy to carry and add instantaneous style to your outfit.
If you like to carry all your necessities like money, mobile phone, books and everything with hot look, don’t wait, go to and order for miraculously designed tote bags. 

Spruce-up your style with Designer Bags and Clutches

Fashion symbols have included handbags a long time ago and hardly any woman can go out without one. “The bigger, the better” shouts out the style mantra for this season’s handbag fashion. From oversized clutches to structured bags, those with long handles, chains & animal skin and totes are some of the emerging popular trends. Travel bags worn as cross body backpacks were featured by the Victoria Beckham’s Fall collection in 2011. The larger totes have been out of the handbag trends of 2011 and trendy mid-sized totes have taken their place. Mid-sized hobos and totes in exotic skins, a Birkin style horizontal strap, soft leather with two top-handles and a lock closure, are among the favorites. Such bags feature structured vibe band detailed silhouettes. Sharp, perfectly tailored clutches and handbags work faultlessly for women.

Satchel bags which many of you us consider old-school are the ones making a superb style statement. According to fashion designers, large clutches are most preferable to complement your evening wear be it for a party or a traditional function.

Clutches are trendsetters: 
Clutches always feature eternal designs. It may be a glimmer, sequin, decorative beaded exterior or a simple plain design. The finer aspects of a lady get revealed through these designs. Clutch adds a streak of glamour to your after-dark look.

Satchels are suitable and stylish:
While watching the Harry potter movies, you would have observed the satchels featured in those. Satchels are strappy, versatile and alluring bags which have created a whole new trend in handbag fashion. These bags have enough room to keep your daily stuff without weighing you down. Satchels meet the need of carrying your essentials without compromising on your style statement.

Totes will always be in the trend: 
It has been a long time since totes got into fashion. It is only their size and colour which has undergone several changes over the years. It is generally cloth which is used to make totes. However leather and skin totes with lace overlays, crochet and complicated weaves have set a new trend in hand bag fashion. You can sport a stunning style teaming bright totes with any outfit of yours. 

A wisely chosen handbag is good enough for you to switch a boring look for a classy one. offers you the entire trendy range of bags at much affordable prices. So if you are not satisfied with your looks, try a different set of accessories like fashionable handbags. Sometimes even a moderately stylish outfit looks awesome when combined with the right handbag. Now is the time for you to pick a fashionable handbag from at great prices and influence others with your styling sense. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mesmerizing Bridal Clutches

Most exhilarating moment in a woman’s life is her marriage.
She always dreams of handsome, dashing and brawny prince moving toward his princess on white horse! That’s the reason I guess that a girl wants to look utterly inimitable from other girls on her wedding and spends lots of money on her jewelry, wedding apparel, sandals, make-up and lastly a magnificently designed bag with awesome color and dazzling studs.  A bride is incomplete without an exaggerated clutch since it houses all her necessities, like- compact, lipstick for touch-ups, handkerchiefs to wipe sweating and tears of joy as well as bobby pins to pin loose hair.  A beautiful clutch adds more grace to her beauty. Like ornaments, clutches also enhance bridal look.
You should select only those clutches that entirely match with your bridal outfit and compliment its splendor.

Check out enticing clutches you can use to embellish your wedding dress-
A range of alluring designs is available at Each one of them is made of various materials with vibrant colors. Clutches are available in different shapes, like- square, oval, rectangular etc., so, select the one that goes best with your bridal dress. Some of the bridal clutches are adorned with stones, sequins, pearls etc. to make them eye-catching. You can go for gaudy red or green color clutches, intricately designed beaded clutches as well as feminine pink color clutches to add to bridal look.

Graceful embroidered bridal clutches-
You can buy designer clutches from that are festooned with embroidery work either on silk or satin base and beautiful pearls or studs in between the embroidery that make them eye candy.  Enhance your beauty with these designer clutches and become the center of attraction among your guests with its outstanding finesse and grace.

Embrace magnificently designed silver and golden color clutches-
You can compliment your wedding dress with uniquely designed silver and golden color clutches and dazzles people with their charming style.

Designer multicolor metallic clutches- 
Now-a-days, these clutches are in vogue and imperative to wedding since they enhance the exquisiteness of wedding dress. These kinds of clutches will gather attention for sure on big night and add futuristic panache to your whole look. You can carry them long after your marriage. Few of them are as follows-

Besides these clutches, you can opt for beaded bow wedding clutch, frilly lace bag, beaded loops bridal handbag, beaded floral bag and many more. If you are getting perplexed about choosing a bridal clutch, better you surf on