Friday, 17 January 2014

What's Your Bag Style Quotient?

Handbags have evolved into a fashion statement and an indispensable accessory for women over a period of time. The notion of “the bigger, the better” is usually associated with the handbags and has become the style mantra this season. Over-sized clutches to structured bags to long-handled bags with buckles and chains to animal skin, the product line has grown significantly to lay siege to the market. 

Here are some of the recent trends in the world of handbags that have gained prevalence:
Style Meets Fashion: Handbags make one of the greatest fashion investment. They have been in vogue for as farther as one can go down the memory lane. An ensemble sans handbag is incomplete. In addition to the functionality that it offers, a handbag is also meant for providing a complete look. It also expresses your personality and style.

Clutches: Trendsetters: Be it the glinting effects given out by a decorative beaded exterior, a sequined one, or just a plain one, the clutch offers an eternal design which speaks of the subtle aspects of a women. It also offers an essence of glamor to every after-dark look.

Satchels: Magical Carriers: They are versatile and glamorous, in addition to be meant as a carry-all accessory and are certain to go in well with the contemporary look. They provide a spacious interior in order to hold everyday items without weighing you down. They also do not lag behind on style quotient.

Totes: Easy-go-lucky: Totes have always been in fashion. Though, they have undergone changes in terms of color and size. Totes are usually made of cloth but the skin and leather totes with lace overlays, crotchet, and intricate weaves have come to the fore in the recent times.

Box Bags: A Manifestation of Vintage Love: The retro-inspired box bag has drawn out a good deal of interest from the fashionistas. They are available in a wide variety of styles while the baguette has attained a prominence. The ones that come with a structured body accompanied by cross body straps and single top handles imparts a sleek look.

Long Handles: Sophistication: If you possess an inclination towards classic look, latch on to this long-handled, trendy bag. It offers an organized means for your hands-free accessories    with a long chain or leather strap.

Python Bags: A snake skin bag offers an irresistible and luxurious piece of a fashion accessory. Regardless of the genuine python skin or the spurious embossing, the bag is certain to arouse a sheer sense of elegance and luxury.

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