Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to Match Bags with your Wardrobe?

You have always wanted to try different combination to get the perfect look. Many fashion freaks crave to get that fantastic look, matching their outfits to bags and shoes! Not too sure about experimenting with colour contrast and coordination? Just chill girls!

Mix-n-match is not a rocket science. The key is you got to do it in moderation. And above all, it’s your comfort level that matters at the end of the day.

The all-matching ensemble is indeed a great style but needs to be done right. If you are putting on a single colour ensemble, don’t forget to contrast and highlight your makeup and/or jewelry. All-Black and all-white ensembles are evergreen for this look.

It’s not the same with brights. All red or blue attire with same colour bag and shoes is less likely to create a statement.

A neutral coloured bag is the safest of all. It works every time and pairs well with everything. Not just black and off-white, neutral colour includes gray, tan & cream too.

If you want to put on something bright, mix it up with a statement handbag of a bold colour. Try some shades of red or turquoise.

Nude or black shade bags & shoes are an awesome combination with solid block and bright attire. The nude shade contrasts the bright colour and makes it look fanatastic, which was otherwise too loud.

For office purpose, you can always go for a medium sized decent (note: non shiny) bags. Experiment with new colours that have a smooth feel. Shop for some subtle shades of yellow, purple and red.

While on travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some style with a chic bag. There are trendy sling bags and cross body bags that are both spacious and fashionable.

If ever you want to try some new colour combination, check out the colour wheel. You will be able to discover new combinations yourself.

If you are going out on a party, a stylish clutch is what you need. For traditional and ethnic wear, go for a potli or jhola that has some kadhai or artistic work embroidered. Choose colour and design according to your outfit.

The bags you buy need to be functional. No need to buy something just because it looks beautiful. Don’t be shy to try new colours, patterns and prints. To buy the most trendy and fashionable bags, log on to! You will get great styles of handbags at best possible prices!