Friday, 8 August 2014

Trendy Bags Reveal Your Stylish Sense!!

When you plan to buy a bag, you don't just go and pick one! 
You first see the available styles and colors and then choose the one which suits your style and at the same time, meets your important needs. Wherever you go, your bag significantly portray s your sense of style.

Nobody would expect you to carry a funky clutch alone to the office! Logically you need a much more spacious bag to take care of your work essentials. For some situations, function matters more than fashion. For instance if you are shopping for a bag to carry on a trekking trip, it would be foolish to choose a sling bag over a backpack.  

While choosing a bag, you need to be specific about your needs first and then think about the styles you can sport with it. While most of your bags are meant for specific occasions, some of them are more on the stylish side.

Here are a few bags which excellently complement your stylish look.
Sling bags:
Spacious and stylish, sling bags are perfect to be carried for any occasion. Apart from that, you can carry it like the usual handbag as well as like a cross-body bag. Its style factor mainly comes from the way it is designed. It features a slightly shorter length, while the breadth is slightly more, when compared to the usual handbags. The laptop bags used nowadays, are mostly sling bags. Their sturdy build and smart design allows you to easily accommodate your laptop and related accessories in it.

Tote bags:
Your formal look can be complemented in the best way with tote bags. Though not very different in look from the usual handbag, tote bags are comparatively more spacious and have a trendier look. Some exceptional designs also feature studs and unique stitching patterns. Besides office, you can also carry these bags for parties and casual hangouts with friends.

There is no other bag that can be carried as comfortably as a backpack. You will have both the straps holding your shoulders tightly. High on style, these bags won't give you much trouble regarding safety. The extraordinary design of a backpack features multiple pockets and zippers, mostly more than those on any other type of bag. Apart from that, it gives you a funky and stylish look. For college or an adventurous trip with friends, backpack is one of the most ideal option, especially for guys.

Jhola bags:
These bags make a fabulous combination with traditional and Indo-western outfits. Featuring beautiful designs like those made with small pieces of mirror, these bags can greatly spruce up your look.
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