Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wallets to Choose From!!!

Regardless of the social status of a person, be them a business magnate or a wretchedly penurious individual, wallet is the only utility that acts as a great equalizer. It makes a must-have accessory of a person.
The advent of the conception of wallet dates back to the days of civilization when a man devised currencies and set out on a quest for the avenue to store them until he stumbled upon the sack and made a wallet out of it. The gradual mankind evolution took effect in simultaneity with the corresponding evolution of the sacks into wallets and now we have legions of them to select from on the grounds of personal taste, lifestyle, and needs.

Here are some of the wallet styles that you can latch on to on the basis of your needs and lifestyle: 

1.) Billfold: 
This is the most popular form of wallet and is made of leather in such a manner as to get easily accommodated into a back pocket. The Billfold wallet came into effect in the later part of 1950’s. As the use of plastic money gradually attained prevalence, wallets were manufactured with the card slots and that marked the emergence of the most popular form of wallet.
A few fixes in the design have been employed over the last 50 years to impart additional features to it. This is the greatest and the most practical form of wallet available today in the market.

2.) Breast Wallet:
The breast wallet is designed to carry a wad of banknotes without folding. It is slightly bigger to fit into pants and is thereby accommodated inside breast pocket, or inside a bag or a briefcase.

3.) Travel Wallet:
The travel wallet is the larger and fatter version of the breast wallet and capacious enough to hold plastic money, liquid money, and the passport. Too big to accommodate into breast pocket or even pants for that matter, it is meant to be stashed into a carry-on bag or a briefcase.  It makes a perfect accompaniment to your journey and saves you the pain of rummage through the stuffs to pick out the boarding pass on every check-in.
4.) Zip Wallet:
It is the veritable follow-up of the billfold and has gained popularity among fashionistas in the recent times. It makes the perfect alternative to billfold and offers the same portability and functionality, in addition to being stylish and trendy.

So, all the people over there, broadcast the unique fashion statement with your choice of wallets and thereby provide a free expression to your undercurrents. You can get a wide range of stylish wallets at  

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